A tangled story...

Erika Tubbin is the self taught designer with tangled hair and tangled lines on her mind. The product range have changed and evolved over the years; from jewellery to lamps, from art prints to dishcloths - always presented in her own brand. These days the collections mainly contain kitchen items and Erika’s design is filled with humorous, thoughtful and - sometimes - slightly daring messages.

The business started already in 2003 and has since tangled it’s way through many different stages to now selling the products through more than 150 retailers around Sweden (and a handful abroad). All products are manufactured in collaboration with various Swedish/European high quality companies. Smallscale and as much as possible with environmental friendly methods/materials. Studio/office is situated in Norrköping, Sweden.

Erika was born in 1970, has a Bachelor degree in Arts and has earlier worked with marketing and administration at some of Sweden’s top museums. She lives in Norrköping with husband and two grown up kids, spending lots of time in the countryside of both Östergötland and Härjedalen.

“When I was twelve years old I bought a sewing machine. Mom's old mechanic one didn’t do it any longer. Cotton sheets and old laces were transformed into blouses which I sold in my old playhouse. The women in the neighbourhood “volunteered” as customers...

Later in the teens music and dance took over the creative powers and my University studies lead my career in to the field of public work at some of Sweden’s top museums. Many years later I found some silver wire and beads in a craft store and the tangling started. First making jewellery as a hobby but after a couple of years the urge to try my wings as a entrepreneur grew stronger and in 2005 I left my employment.

Over the years I’ve shifted from handmade jewellery to printed patterns and quotes on various interior design details. At this stage I mainly design items for the kitchen area such as dish cloths, tea towels, trays, cuttingboards and paper napkins. As a self taught designer I tend to keep my patterns clean and graphic but with a personal twist and lots of humour. Today you find my products in over 120 smaller stores over Sweden. And my collection no longer fits in a playhouse."